VioletClan is one of the four Clans around the StarLake. Their current leader is Violetstar.


Violetclan Drawing

Description Edit

VioletClan is the most hostile Clan, and are the fastest Clan as well. They are the smallest Clan, and have the smallest amount of territory. Their pelts are strictly black, brown, gray, cream, brown tabby, and gray tabby, and they all have violet eyes. They and AmberClan are arch-enemies.

History Edit

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VioletClan territory is in a deep, dark, wet, pine forest with several violets, crocuses, and other purple flowers. The dens are tunnels under rocks and thorn bushes, and are lined with pine needles, ivy leaves, and dry ferns.

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Current Members Edit


  • Violetstar - jet-black she-cat with violet eyes

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