The StarLake is a large, shimmering lake dotted with stars at night which the four Clans are located around. In the first quarter is a huge field of lilies, where LilyClan makes its home. In the second quarter there several rainbows since it is located in an odd angle toward the sun, and is the home of RainbowClan. In the third quarter is a large pine forest dotted with violets and other purple flowers, the home of VioletClan. In the fourth quarter is a golden field where AmberClan resides.


RiverClan deputy Lilywing was on the run searching for her rogue family to find their secret so she could save the four Clans from the evil rogue cat Darktalon. On the way, she happened to come across a field of lilies, and met a rogue cat, Feather. She asked him if he knew of the Clans, and after explaining Clan life to him, they decided to start a Clan of their own, since so many rogues lived here.

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