Rainbowstar is a skinny, long-legged brown tabby she-cat with darker flecks, a cream-colored chest, and a icy blue eye and a emerald green one. She is the current leader of RainbowClan.


Rainbowstar is a fiesty, firey, sharp-tougned cat, with many different emotions and moods. She strikes some cats as a short-tempered, easily angered leader, but she would do anything for her clanmates. She prefers using ambush stratgies more then other leaders, using rocks and stones to plan her battlefield. Rainbowstar's history as a rouge made her hardened over and a loner.


Rainbowstar used to be a rogue named Rainbow. She had two siblings, Spider and Fuzz. Together they traveled through forests and mountains, soon coming to a lake. (Sadly, Fuzz died from a hawk attack) They learned about the cats that already lived there - LilyClan. They decided they wanted to live like these "warriors" did. Rainbow chose a pine forest like the one she had been born in. Rainbow became Rainbowstar, and fiesty RainbowClan became known for their agility and emotions.