Rainbowclan Drawing

RainbowClan is one of the four Clans located around the StarLake. It's current leader is Rainbowstar.


RainbowClan's cats are wild, fiesty fighters, but have a rainbow of emotions. Despite their fiesty tempers, they also display great kindness, sadness, and many other characteristics. They are known for being able to glide in the wind for a few minutes after jumping, and believe in the power of rainbows. They are known for being a various number of colors.


RainbowClan is located in the second quarter of land around Star Lake, in a pine forest by where the rainbows shine and mist is always in the air. They nest in tent-like structures made of pine needles, lined with feathers of thrushes and robins. Their fur is soft with a feather texture to help them glide. They eat mainly thrushes, voles, and robins.

Current MembersEdit


  • Rainbowstar - skinny, battle-scared long-furred, brown she-cat with darker flecks, a white chest and icy blue eyes.


  • Violetfeather - dark purple she-cat with a lavender tail and violet eyes