Lilyclan Drawing

LilyClan is one of the four Clans located around Star Lake. Its current leader is Lilystar, and its current deputy is Featherstorm.


LilyClan's cats are quiet, peaceful cats. They are known for being swift runners and high jumpers, and are very skilled hunters. Their main prey is rabbits, mice, and voles. Their pelts are mainly blue-gray, cream, ginger, gray, and white, but there are exceptions.

History Edit

The Clan was founded by RiverClan deputy Lilywing, when she discovered her true family were rogues and she did not belong in her Clan. While searching for her rogue family and the secret they held, she met a rouge named Feather while standing in a field of lilies. Together they started LilyClan, though unknown to them, they were not alone.


LilyClan territory is located in a large field of lilies by the StarLake. Dens are tall cagelike structures built from twigs and lilies, and lined with feathers and lily petals. The dens are located just between the center of the lily field and Star Lake.

Current MembersEdit


  • Lilystar - cream-colored she-cat with green eyes


  • Featherstorm - blue-gray tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat:

  • Brightshadow - long-haired black she-cat with blue eyes
    • Apprentice, Snowpaw - long-haired white she-cat with blue eyes